Real Estate Home Staging

16 June, 2021

Your home has great curb appeal. Your yard is the best on your block, (if it wasn't for that one neighborhood that measured their grass with a ruler). The exterior of your home has pristine paint and just sparkles. There’s a lot of ‘WOW’ factor there!

When you step inside the front door, do you get the same wow feeling? Perhaps you enter and exit your home through the garage or a side entrance. If so, I encourage you to use the entrance that Realtors and buyers will be walking through. Try to imagine you're walking into your home for the first time. What do you think? Great? Not so great? Terrible, it needs serious help? Pretty good, but might need a professional eye?

Chances are you have become blind to the first impressions that others may have. That is why so many sellers (and realtors) hire a home stager. They have a fresh set of eyes, years of experience, and a wealth of resources to select and position furnishings in your home that accentuate all the best features. So much so that staged homes often sell by an increase of 6 to 10%. That'll pay for the cost of the services, and then some, right there! 
If you’re about to put your home up for sale, or already have, consider having a conversation with us today about our home staging services and how we can increase your home sale price!

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