What To Look For When Selecting A Designer

08 May, 2021

Have you been looking around your space and noticed that it’s a bit bland, stale, dated even? You want an update, a fresh new look for spring / summer but where do you go from here? A fresh coat of paint and some new pillow covers just opened up pandora's box, now what? There are so many ways a designer is the best place to begin, a fresh set of eyes for one to unlock your space's incredible potential.  

But how do you choose? Well, here is a brief list of things to think about when picking the person you will be trusting your inner sanctum to.

  1. Follow the rule of three - meet with three designers to make your choice, too many options is often confusing. This goes for design choices as well.
  2. Identify Your Style - and then ask the designer for examples of that style
  3. Set a Budget - and be honest about it with your designer, there's nothing more disappointing than looking at an amazing interior and discovering there is no way you can afford it.
  4. Ask questions - don't be afraid to ask everything on your mind, communication is key in remodeling. Want to know how long things will take, have you done similar projects, are you okay with (pets, kids, etc)? 
  5. Prepare to Work together - once you choose your designer, you are now a team, collaborating on making your space the best it can be!
  6. Follow your gut - if it feels like a good fit, it's often the right match
  7. Be Flexible - as with any project, things happen that are out of your control, construction schedules fluctuate, shipments are sometimes damaged, and a good designer has dealt with all of this before and will come up with the best solution possible.
  8. Sign a contract - just as a general rule of thumb, it is always a good idea to get things in writing.
Now that you have an idea of what to do when looking for a designer, here is a brief list of  our services that can help with that daunting home makeover task:
  • Interior Design – new spaces, remodeling, both residential and commercial
  • Real Estate Staging – sell your home quicker for top dollar (Furniture and decorative pieces available for lease)
  • Online Consultations – local or across the country, we serve you. Let's Zoom!
  • 3D Design Rendering –  get an idea of how your space will look without having to swing a single hammer! 
  • Shopping – online or in-person with designer discounts of up to 70%, get the designer look without paying designer prices.
  • Holiday and Seasonal Decorating – graduation party coming up, we can help!
Let’s chat and see how we can serve you and produce that perfect look and feel for your space.

Melissa Ross
Modest Muse Interiors

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