Your Home is Your Fortress

07 April, 2021

Your home is your fortress. You need to furnish it in an aesthetically pleasing and cozy way. Decorating and selecting the right furniture and design for your home will lead you to a healthier and happier lifestyle.
Did you know that on average people spend 2-3 hours per day on their sofa? This makes it one of the most important pieces of furniture. Choose a sofa that is comfortable with a style that matches your life routine and leisure time the best.
With many of you working from home, a home office is important too. There should be a balance of functionality and comfort. This will keep you motivated and productive. Environment is important.
Finish off the office with storage that is clever and compliments your office décor. Make sure there is sufficient space and keep it organized. Clutter is not your friend.
In the next article, we will talk about other pieces of décor in other areas of your fortress. Happy Decorating!

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