Interior Design

When it comes to interior design and styling, we cater our services to your needs. We offer interior design consulting, remodel consulting and full-service design and furniture procurement. 

Real Estate Staging

Home staging sells your home quicker and for the highest return.  Let our professionals create the perfect space for your potential buyers.  Staging furniture is also available for rent.

Online Consultations

Not in the area? We have you covered, we offer online zoom consultations as well! Our full service, detail oriented consultation is available to you wherever you are located. 

3D Design Rendering

Often, we can't visualize how a space will look until it comes together through the creation of a 3D rendered image. Modest Muse Interiors offers design rendering services for all types of projects.


(In store with you or online) Up to 4 hours
Whether it's online or in the stores, we will shop for furnishings and accessories that  make our design plan come to life! 

Holiday & Seasonal Decorating 

Entertaining this holiday? With over 15 years of holiday decorating experience, we can turn your event into the perfect holiday celebration!

Interior Design

Are you looking for a change? Is your home starting to feel stagnant, stale, or blah? Maybe you want to incorporate a new style trend, but don’t know where to start, or you may feel like it’s just not possible without breaking the bank and starting from scratch? Let us help you to reimagine your space. We will guide you on where to begin, how to create attractive vignettes, suggest updates and style direction.

Need to purchase furniture or accessories to achieve your dream look?  We offer shoppinig services, whether it's online or in the stores. 

We truly want you to feel good in your space. Our surroundings should make us feel grounded, happy, peaceful, and proud.  All services start with a detailed consultation based on your individual needs, tastes, lifestyle and budget. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Real Estate Staging

Even the most design savvy of us could benefit from a fresh set of eyes when it comes time to sell. A home stager is able to provide this, and so much more. While your home may appear Pinterest-perfect to you, it may just need a few tweaks or edits in order to appeal to the broader, home buying market.

There are unique challenges to tackle whether your home is vacant or occupied. Vacant homes present as cold, as it is often difficult for buyers to envision their belongings in an empty house. Staging a few key rooms, or the entire home allows the buyer to see furnishings in true scale in the environment. On the other hand, an occupied home presents the challenge of being kept orderly for showings that can happen with a moment’s notice. While this isn’t easy, we are experts at what I like to call “Stage & Stash”, easily accessible, yet concealed storage, for those impromptu showings.

A well staged home tends to spend less time on the market and can increase the dollar value of the home between 6-10%, according to NARS (National Association of Realtors.)  What’s more, 22% of sellers’ agents reported an increase of 1-5% of the dollar value offered by buyers, compared to similar homes that were not staged. That's a significant return on investment! 

Staging consultations include walking through the home (either in person or virtually) with the critical eye of a potential home buyer. We take measurements, make some suggestions on design, furniture location, and decorating modifications, that will highlight the best features of each space.  At the end of your paid consultation, you can then decide to do the work yourself or enlist our expert designers to complete the staging plan.  

Home already on the market? Don't worry, it’s not too late to stage! I always advise sellers and realtors to consider the low cost of staging over the high cost of a price reduction.  Contact us today to see if you could benefit from our expert advice!

Holiday & Seasonal Decorating

Entertaining this holiday? Whether you’re hosting a large gathering, or planning a celebration with family and friends, we will work within your budget to create the perfect, holiday atmosphere that will be sure to impress. Modest Muse Interiors has over 15 years of holiday decorating experience, and can provide the one stop solution, comprehensive service program you are looking for to turn your unique decorating needs into reality. 

We offer the best in design consultation, installation, maintenance & prompt take down services. Our Holiday Décor team will work with you to design a display concept that will perfectly fit your goals and event.

Call or email us to schedule a consultation today, as holiday decor spots tend to fill up quickly! (Prices vary based on requirements.)


Interior Design Consultation

(Every service starts with this)
Up to 2 hours        

Detailed notes, design plans, and suggestions for how to proceed with your interior design needs. (Virtual Zoom Consultation available)


Home Staging & Redesign

Following your design plan, our home stagers will reposition furniture, hang art and place decorative accessories to make your home real estate market ready.  (Furniture and decorative pieces are also available for lease - ask for a quote.)


Design Rendering

Often, we can't visualize how a space will look until it comes together through the creation of a 3D rendered image. Modest Muse Interiors offers design rendering services for all types of projects.



(In store with you or online) Up to 4 hours
Whether it's online or in the stores, we'll pick furnishings and accessories to make our design come to life! 


Holiday Decoration 

Starts with a $50 consultation,
which then goes toward the standard decorating rate.
*additional shopping
fees may apply


Color Consultations, Rental Furniture,
Furniture Assembly:

All services listed above are available upon request.  Furniture and accessories are rented on a monthly basis. Prices vary by scope, some fees may apply.

$ Varies